I’m a developer! Mostly a web developer. Sometimes also other types of developer. Also I do embedded systems and other hardware things sometimes. Big tech nerd all around. I’m currently wrapping up my computer science study, and I also work as a software development intern. I spend a lot of my free time maintaining my personal projects and contributing to some others, which you can learn more about over here.

Other than the whole “tech” thing, I use she/her pronouns and I’m trans and various other forms of queer. I sometimes do photography, which you can check out this way. I also play various video games and I shitpost on social media a lot and I like cats and being comfy and having good friends and uhh that’s pretty much it I think.

You can find me as “eritbh” on Twitter, Github, Mastodon, and most other social media platforms. If you really need to, you can email me, though if you’re trying to sell me something or get me to use the OSS tier of your fancy SaaS product I’ll probably yeet your message into oblivion.

If you like what I do, consider donating to me on Ko-Fi!