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Interface ClientOptions

The options passed to the client constructor. Includes Eris options.




Optional agent

agent: Agent

Optional allowMention

allowMention: boolean

If true, the bot's mention can be used as an additional prefix.

Optional allowedMentions

allowedMentions: AllowedMentions

Optional autoreconnect

autoreconnect: boolean

Optional caseSensitiveCommands

caseSensitiveCommands: boolean

If true, command names are case-sensitive. For example, users may use !ping and !PING interchangeably (assuming ! is a valid prefix). If false, command names in code must be all lowercase.

Optional caseSensitivePrefix

caseSensitivePrefix: boolean

If true, prefix matching is case-sensitive.

Optional compress

compress: boolean

Optional connectionTimeout

connectionTimeout: number

Optional defaultImageFormat

defaultImageFormat: string

Optional defaultImageSize

defaultImageSize: number

Optional disableDefaultMessageListener

disableDefaultMessageListener: boolean

If true, the client does not respond to commands by default, and the user must register their own messageCreate listener, which can call processCommand to perform command handling at an arbitrary point during the handler's execution

Optional disableEvents

disableEvents: {}

Type declaration

  • [s: string]: boolean

Optional firstShardID

firstShardID: number

Optional getAllUsers

getAllUsers: boolean

Optional globalCommandRequirements

globalCommandRequirements: CommandRequirements

A set of requirements to check for all commands.

Optional guildCreateTimeout

guildCreateTimeout: number

Optional ignoreBots

ignoreBots: boolean

If true, messages from other bot accounts will not trigger commands.

Optional ignoreGlobalRequirements

ignoreGlobalRequirements: boolean

If true, requirements set via the globalCommandRequirements option will be ignored.


Pass no globalCommandRequirements client option instead. See https://github.com/eritbh/yuuko/issues/89


intents: number | (number | "guilds" | "guildMembers" | "guildBans" | "guildEmojisAndStickers" | "guildEmojis" | "guildIntegrations" | "guildWebhooks" | "guildInvites" | "guildVoiceStates" | "guildPresences" | "guildMessages" | "guildMessageReactions" | "guildMessageTyping" | "directMessages" | "directMessageReactions" | "directMessageTyping" | "allNonPrivileged" | "allPrivileged" | "all")[]

Optional largeThreshold

largeThreshold: number

Optional lastShardID

lastShardID: number

Optional latencyThreshold

latencyThreshold: number

Optional maxReconnectAttempts

maxReconnectAttempts: number

Optional maxResumeAttempts

maxResumeAttempts: number

Optional maxShards

maxShards: number | "auto"

Optional messageLimit

messageLimit: number

Optional opusOnly

opusOnly: boolean


prefix: string

The prefix used to trigger commands.

Optional ratelimiterOffset

ratelimiterOffset: number

Optional reconnectDelay

reconnectDelay: ReconnectDelayFunction

Optional requestTimeout

requestTimeout: number

Optional rest

Optional restMode

restMode: boolean

Optional seedVoiceConnections

seedVoiceConnections: boolean

Optional shardConcurrency

shardConcurrency: number | "auto"


token: string

The bot's token.

Optional ws

ws: unknown

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