User Styles

Here’s a stash of my user styles. Use Stylus (for Firefox or Chrome/Edge/etc) or another user style manager that supports @preprocessor stylus.

The scripts themselves are hosted on GitHub. If you use these too and run into issues or think they could benefit from improvements, raise an issue or send a PR - I’d be happy to take a look.

Un-fuck Fandom

Gets rid of stupid crap from Fandom wikis, like the useless network navigation bar on the left and the ad bar in the bottom right. Has options for hiding lots of different things.


Un-fuck Amazon

Gets rid of stupid crap from Amazon, like the “there are things in your cart!” sidebar and various upsells on product pages. Has options for hiding lots of different things.


Discord Custom Fonts

Lets you set custom body and code fonts for Discord. Also undoes dumb font-weight shenanigans that Discord sets up on light mode if you’re on a standard-density monitor (because most fonts are designed to be readable in black-on-white on normal displays, you incompetent assholes).


Pinafore UI tweaks

Lets you set custom fonts, tweak the maximum width of the timeline, add backgrounds and word wrap to code display, and fixes non-wrapped code blocks with long lines being cut off and unscrollable horizontally.


Compact Modmail User Info

Minimizes or removes the snoovatar in the user info sidebar of Reddit modmail.